Holiday Hair Trends 2014

The Hair Tools You Need to Streamline Your Holiday Routine

The Hair Tools You Need to Streamline Your Holiday Routine

Party season is upon us, which means we’re lusting for retro waves, chic chignons, and bombshell blowouts, now more than ever. But let’s face it: Between juggling work, travel plans, and last-minute gift shopping, primping our hair is the last thing we need to be stressing over. That’s why we’re counting on streamlining styling tools to keep our minds calm and our tresses fabulous from now until New Year’s.

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Stuck at the airport? Consider investing in CHI’s Escape Cordless Hair Styling Iron before your next trip. It’s tiny enough to stow in your carry-on, making it easier than ever to achieve on-the-go touch ups. Not a fan of traditional curling irons? The Tulip Rotating Curler by InStyler is the ultimate game-changer. Just feed a small section of hair into the chamber and allow the self-rotating barrel to work its magic and voilà! Perfect curls in seconds—no salon visit necessary. To see even more innovative hair tools, click through our gallery!

PHOTOS: Must-Have Hair Tools to Streamline Your Holiday Routine

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