Dear Mom: Athena Calderone of EyeSwoon Says Thank You


In an homage to the coming holiday, we partnered with Tiffany & Co. to say thank you. In “Dear Mom,” Athena Calderone of EyeSwoon pens a letter of gratitude to the woman who has shaped her. From learning the importance of putting family first, to the art of balancing the challenges of motherhood with grace, Athena speaks from the heart. Swoon with us over her impeccable taste and timeless style by taking a walk in her shoes.


Dear Mom, I've been thinking a lot recently about memory. And I realized I remember so many things about you from my childhood, because they have one thing in common. Beauty. You were always so graceful and elegant in everything that you did. And yet everything you did was for other people, even when times were tough. [MUSIC] It was nothing a little red lip and an enormous smile couldn't fix. You found beauty in everything. And because you gave yourself so generously, you shared that gift with me. Thank you for showing me that I can work hard and do what I love, and still be a committed mother to my son. Mom, you gave me. Courage to be who I am. From you I learned that I can wear a delicate gold chain and still be fiercely passionate, that a beautiful diamond can be a little rough around the edges. And now, because I am a mother, I understand how endlessly you loved me Through every moment, my gratitude reaches from here to eternity. I love you, Mom. [MUSIC]
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