If All You Want for Christmas Is Voluminous Hair, Here's How to Get It

If All You Want for Christmas Is Voluminous Hair, Here's How to Get It
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Holiday season is in high gear, and that means lots of sparkle, a major red lip, and voluminous party hair. We caught up with super stylist and native of Birmingham, U.K., Laini Reeves—who works with Emily Blunt, Amy Adams and Kate Bosworth—for her must-haves to get the sexiest hair of the season.

Plus, follow Reeves on Instagram at @lainireeves and learn more about her in our Q&A below.

Working with celebs like Blunt, Adams, and Bosworth, do you ever get star struck? I don’t often get star struck, but the last time I did was when I spotted Fred Segal from the Animal Planet show Whale Wars. I love that show and am so in awe of the work they do.

What was your first big break? My big break came when I met a young, then-little-known actress named Emily Blunt. We bonded immediately and have been working together ever since.

What's your favorite part of your job? To be honest, my favorite part of doing my job is doing my job. Doing hair is my favorite thing to do.

What would you be doing if you weren't a hairstylist? I can’t imagine doing anything else, but if I stopped styling hair I’d probably ride my horse all day, every day.

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