Happy Presidents' Day! See Pictures of Presidents in Their 20s

Happy Presidents' Day! See Pictures of Presidents in Their 20s
Lane Turner/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Happy Presidents' Day! Today is about more than just sleeping in and crazy good sales (although, we’ll take holidays in honor of both of those things). Today we honor and celebrate our nation’s many leaders and the work they do as president of the United States, a job that we imagine is a little more challenging than your average nine to five.

It’s easy to forget that before they were literally leading an entire country, these guys were leading regular lives. They played sports in college, chilled with their friends and family, and, at least in the case of our current prez, Barack Obama (above), they went on dates. Actually, Obama’s first date with Michelle Robinson (now his wife, aka First Lady Michelle Obama) in 1989 was so majorly adorable, it was adapted for the film Southside with You, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year to great reviews. Presidents, they’re just like us. If you still don’t believe it, scroll down for more shots of our the commanders-in-chief from back in the day.

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