The 16 Best Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

The 16 Best Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween
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Horror is hot right now. Thriller TV shows are creeping onto top charts (we’re looking at you, American Horror Story and Stranger Things), and movies like It are blowing up at the box office (it's now the U.S.’s highest grossing horror movie of all time, ringing in more than $236 million domestically). We’ve become obsessed with the things that scare us.

So, in honor of our blossoming affection for all things that spook (leading up to the spookiest holiday of the year), we’ve rounded up the best scary movies to watch before Halloween. And I’m talking scary—like, you may want to intersperse them with your feel-good favorites from Halloweentown to Hocus Pocus or even a Harry Potter or two to maintain your sanity.

Scroll through below and let the movie marathon begin.

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