Fun and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas from Sarah Michelle Gellar

Fun and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas from Sarah Michelle Gellar
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There are couples and then, there are celebrity couples that are the prime definition of goals. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr., for instance definitely meet and go beyond the criteria. The famous duo has been giving us life for years, and they recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. We caught up with Gellar to get a glance at her holiday gift guide for the family, and trust us when we say the lineup is impressive.

Back in the day, Gellar was best known for slaying vampires, and Freddie was the hot heartthrob (still is) that every girl had a crush on. Nowadays, their focus is on their two beautiful children, Charlotte and Rocky, Sarah Michelle’s company, Foodstirs, and Freddie’s new cooking ventures. So Gellar's holiday shopping list includes goodies for the entire family.

In 2015, Sarah Michelle co-founded Foodstirs, a culinary lifestyle company that offers organic and GMO-free baking mixes and kits, and features premium ingredients with the intent of bringing families together in the kitchen. She also released her first cookbook, Stirring Up Fun With Food, filled with over 115 creative recipes and food-crafting ideas.

Although our beloved Buffy has moved on from her vampire slaying days, Gellar still manages to keeps things fun and exciting, just like her holiday shopping list. Keep scrolling to see all of Gellar's gift ideas for yourself. 

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