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Kitchen Essentials to Gift This Holiday Season

Kitchen Essentials to Gift This Holiday Season
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Slice, dice, brew, and bake! Their kitchens really deserve these ah-mazing cooking gifts, gadgets, and essentials. 

The most thoughtful, well-used gifts live in kitchens. Sure sweaters are nice and everyone loves a great perfume, but it's those workhorse cooking gifts that are regularly used to bake up love-filled meals. 

"The gift that keeps on giving" is a cliché, but it's a cliché because it's the truth. That gorgeous coffee maker? They'll think of you every single morning when they begin their bleary-eyed brew ritual to shake off their sleepiness. That beautiful set of bowls? You'll pop into their head every time they whip up a blueberry turnover or Thanksgiving pie. Kitchenware gifts beget love in the form of homemade pancakes and freshly squeezed lemonade. 

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We rounded up presents for every level of chef on your holiday shopping list. From beginner cooks, to that dinner party pro who *lives* for beef bourguignon, we found a present that will spark joy in anyone's kitchen. 

Read on for our 14 best kitchen gift ideas that your friends and family are going to love—no returns necessary.

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