The 5 Things I Wish Had Been on My Graduation Wish List

The 5 Things I Wish Had Been on My Graduation Wish List

Graduating college at the ripe age of 21 (or 22) indubitably renders a huge moment of accomplishment, self-satisfaction, and dare I say it, relief. Your distant family, which you haven’t seen in years, congregates to sing your praises come graduation day. For the day, everything is focused solely on you; your prodigious feat of enduring 4 years of undergrad, and with that comes big-ticket gift giving. 

As most Generation Z kids can attest, graduation gifts come at considerable costs. I have paid witness to my college-mates being the recipient of 2 ct diamond studs, luxury handbags, and even fresh-out-the-dealership automobiles as graduation gifts. Talk about extravagant!


However, as the saying goes, if only I knew then what I know now, when it comes to the decision-making process on what to put on your graduation wish list, taste and judgment might not be at the prudent level we may think it’s at. Case in point, I put a very trendy $2K coral toned silk taffeta gown on my list (and no, I didn’t get it, rather my mom scoffed at me for it). 

Had I known about investment shopping and timeless pieces, my list would’ve been more worthwhile. After all, what better moment to consider classic pieces than when loads of interviewing and networking opportunities are on the horizon?

We're putting super-luxurious dream items on our wish list, because, why not? A girl can dream, right? But whatever your price point, consider classic staples from the five categories below. 

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