InStyle Editors Share the Best Gifts You Can Buy from the Drugstore

<em>InStyle </em>Editors Share the Best Gifts You Can Buy from the Drugstore

Courtesy, Carter Smith

We've all been there: You're on your way to a holiday party, a Secret Santa/White Elephant gift exchange, or to your significant other's parent's house, and you have that heart-sinking FML moment. You forgot the gift. And whether it's because you're pressed for time or every store you've passed is closed, the only real option is to duck into the nearest drugstore.

Not all hope is lost though. Honestly. The Walgreens, the CVS's, the Duane Reades, the Rite Aids, the Targets of the world actually stock an inventory of hidden gems that make great gift-giving options—and that, most importantly, won't give away that you bought it 1) at the 11th hour and 2) from the conveniently located convenience store. We surveyed InStyle editors who revealed the gifts they reach for under duress; behold—our last-minute drugstore gift guide.

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