24 Gifts from the Bloomingdale's Sale for Every Woman in Your Life

24 Gifts from the Bloomingdale's Sale for Every Woman in Your Life
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Shop the Bloomingdale's Friends and Family Sale with promo code INSTYLE25.

We all have that friend. The one who religiously drinks Starbucks, works out like a fiend, or only listens to Drake. Then, there's the friend who never goes out or always goes out. And then there's your best friend, the one you've known for years, who takes it personally when you don't know her every like, dislike, and deepest secret. And, of course, we can't forget about the woman who likely knows you best: your mom.

For the many women in your life, the ones who've got your back and you've got theirs, the holidays are an opportunity to show them you've been listening—and that you care. You know she's always cold (buy her a chic sweater), is loving a particular album right now (so, concert tickets?), or that she's "so over going out lately" (clearly, a Netflix subscription is in order).

To get you started tracking down the perfect personalized gifts, we rounded up 24 gifts for every woman in your life. Not only are these picks fashionable and fun, but they're also all on sale—right now!—during the Bloomingdale's Family and Friends Sale. By using our exclusive discount code, INSTYLE25, you'll receive up to 25% off select items through Dec. 11. 

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