Behold: The 24 Hottest Celebrity Dads in Hollywood

Behold: The 24 Hottest Celebrity Dads in Hollywood

There are certain traits that, regardless of your taste in men, make celebrity guys hot. Among them: chiseled abs, an award-winning smile, obvious respect for women, talent, confidence, beards, no beards, tattoos, long hair, short hair, devotion to their other half. You name it, and it’s easy to find a gentleman in Hollywood who possesses the features you simply find sexy.

And while we can spend all day scrolling through images of dudes that you want to drool over, a particular category deserves a different kind of praise: dads. Whether you’re a fan of children or not, there’s something attractive about a guy who not only looks good, but is willing to do anything for his kids.

Prime example? David Beckham. Yes, we all loved the soccer pro and model long before he welcomed Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper into the world with Victoria. But the way in which he treats his family makes us want to fawn all over him even more.

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In honor of Father’s Day and celebrities who simply look too good to ignore, scroll down for 24 of the hottest dads in Hollywood.

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