16 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands That Are (Stylishly) Saving the Planet

16 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands That Are (Stylishly) Saving the Planet
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We've long proven that style and sutainability can happily co-exist, but we'd never turn down an opportunity to spotlight the designers who are trying to make the world a better place. That's why we put together a refresher course on our favorite eco-friendly brands—there are some established classics (that just keep getting better and better) and newcomers that we're welcoming with open arms.

Below, you'll find a few who are reducing their carbon footprint with locally sourced materials, those who are making an effort to reduce waste (and excess water) with sustainably sound manufacturing processes, some who pride themselves on upcycling (denim made of plastic from the ocean? Yes, all the way), and others that spearhead eco-friendly initiatives. So the next time you're drafting your shopping list (summer will be here before you know it), consider these do-good, feel-good brands that we love.

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