The Best Organic Cotton Tees to Buy

The Best Organic Cotton Tees to Buy

We're the first to 'fess up that we're complete hoarders when it comes to those perfectly worn-in tees. Not only do they serve as the building blocks of our wardrobe, but we find comfort in their steadfastly unchanging nature amid fashion's rapid trend turn-overs. T-shirts make up almost every one of our off-duty looks (and celebrities' too), layered under bomber jackets and styled with our equally worn-in jeans, and they can be dressed up with a blazer and a pleated midi skirt. Basically, tees are never going anywhere. 

But we're here to make the case for tees cut from 100-percent organic cotton. We all know about the scary dangers of pesticides and insecticides in produce or the hazardous effects of harsh chemicals in regular household cleaning products. As it turns out, those very same concerns are linked to cotton, which according to the Organic Trade Association, can be exposed to toxic chemicals that not only pollute the envrionment and "end up in the ground, air, water, and food supply," but are also associated with health issues, from asthma to cancer.

Don't freak out. 

Do your body and the Earth some good with tees that boast everything we love about them (the familiarity, the softness, the silhouette), but are also free of those terrifying carcinogens and chemicals. It's a win-win. Well, make that a win-win-win. Organic farming practices create healthy soils, which in turn, "makes for better use of water inputs," according to the Cottoned On Organization. That means, organic cotton saves water. 

Every day should be Earth Day, really, so do your part and stock up on your beloved staple made from organic cotton. Scroll through to see our eight favorites. 

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