Dad Hats to Gift Your Dad For Father's Day 

Dad Hats to Gift Your Dad For Father's Day 

One of the most embarrassing things my dad ever did to me was pick me up from middle school while wearing a backwards black Kangol flat cap. The other 364 days of the year my dad wore a navy blue baseball hat. While the reason why my father deviated from his usual hat still remains unclear, what I do know is that his ball cap (and the go-to hat of fathers everywhere) is the inspiration behind the dad hat. The cap was one of last year’s most unexpected fashion trends that everyone from celebs from Kendall Jenner to former President Barak Obama have all embraced—along with your dad.

Trends eventually die, but your dad isn’t going to stop wearing his baseball hat anytime time soon, so why not treat Father’s Day as an opportunity to treat him to a fresh cap that hasn’t gone through the wash a hundred times? Since no one loves dad hats more than actual dads, we rounded up the best ones to gift yours this Father’s Day.

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