Backpacks So Cute You'll Wish You Were Going Back To School

Backpacks So Cute You'll Wish You Were Going Back To School

With Labor Day weekend upon us, it's officially back-to-school time! Many have already headed back to the classroom, and those who haven't will be next week. If you're a parent (or a student yourself), there's no doubt that all things school related have been on your mind, from finishing summer homework to shopping for clothes and supplies.

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One of the most important items a student needs when starting the new school year is a backpack, which essentially will house each and every thing they bring to class. There are endless options out there: different styles and shapes and patterns, so picking one out can be kind of overwhelming.

To make things a bit easier during this busy time of year, we rounded up 10 of the cutest packs out there. This list includes a mix of bags that both kids and teens will love. And just a warning, you may want 'em too. Read on to see our picks and where to buy them!

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