Is Texturizing Shampoo the Key to Perfect Beach Waves?

Is Texturizing Shampoo the Key to Perfect Beach Waves?

If we could get back the hours we’ve spent styling our hair to make it look like we rolled out of bed looking perfectly tousled, we’d gain a long weekend. So the thought of achieving effortless-looking waves with a shampoo seems like a dream too good to be true. But thanks to texturizing formulas, it’s possible, says N.Y.C. celebrity hairstylist Jeff Chastain, founder of Parlor hair products. "Many are made with stiff molecules that bind to the hair to add body, which in turn enhances bends,” he says. “And the beachy effect should last until your next wash.”

The one caveat, says Chastain, is that because you’re adding texture—not controlling it like you might with a styler—these formulas work best on hair that’s straight or wavy. (If you’re got ringlets, the particles in these blends could disrupt your curl pattern, so instead, stick to a moisturizing shampoo to keep your strands hydrated, which then enhances definition.)

If your texture fits the bill, these five formulas give #iwokeuplikethis hair at varying price points.

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