5 Looks That Make Me Want to Exclusively Air-Dry My Hair

5 Looks That Make Me Want to Exclusively Air-Dry My Hair
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I almost exclusively air-dry my hair. I really hate to use the “I don’t have time” excuse, because I dedicate a full 20 minutes to my  skin-care and makeup in the morning, so I guess blow-drying just isn’t a priority for me. It’s not that I don’t loveeee the cuticle-sealing benefits a blowout can provide, but I don’t hate the way my hair looks when it dries naturally, which is relatively straight with a few bends or waves here or there. 

So when I noticed a trend of hairstyles at NYFW that were meant to mimic the appearance of air-drying—or even using air-drying in the process, along with a touch of a curling iron—you get why I had a moment. Not only is it totally low-maintenance (more time for moisturizer, woooo!), but soft waves or a air-touched texture just looks effortlessly cool—the no-makeup makeup look of the hair world, if you will. 

And as someone who has naturally somewhat straight hair, it's a win for me. 

Not only that, but at many shows, designers chose to embrace and enhance models’ natural textures, whether straight, wavy, or curly. It doesn’t really get much more real than that. 

Because I need to see the magic again (and I’m hoping you want to, as well), I rounded up a shows that brought that laid-back air-dried vibe to life on the runway and a few looks I will most definitely be attempting myself! 

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