Meet the Hair-Ties That Will Make You Excited to Workout 

Meet the Hair-Ties That Will Make You Excited to Workout 
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I love putting my hair up, but I don't love the idea of compromising the integrity of my hair by wearing it up too much. I don't want breakage... and who does? But guess what? Scunci developed super cute hair-ties that are braided, so they don't snag or damage your hair. Read on to find out why I can't stop rocking the high pony like it's my dang job.


What It's Called:

Scunci No Damage 3X Braided Hair Elastics


A small coffee... $3;

What Makes It Special:

They are braided and made to make sure that you don't damage your hair when you put it up. And that's one less thing to worry about, ya know?

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Who’s It For?

If you want to tie that hair up, this applies to you.

What the Internet Is Saying:

When to Use It:

I don't want to get too involved, but you definitely could do it now.

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