At the MTV VMAs, We Wear Messy Waves?

At the MTV VMAs, We Wear Messy Waves?
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Intro Deck: 

"We" meaning like, a ton of celebrities, obviously. 

We know celebrities aren't calling each other and asking what everyone's wearing (well, maybe if they're really tight), but sometimes it kinda seems like your favorite stars are totally chill with being twinsies for the night. Red carpet beauty trends are a thing—watch the Oscars and tell us how many Old Hollywood Waves you see—but for the 2016 MTV VMAs, it seems like messy waves were a thing. And we get it! It's unbearably hot in New York City (take it from someone currently sitting in front of her fan, with her hair up in a topknot as I write this), and keeping frizz at bay is no easy feat. 

While we can't confirm whether or not Mother Nature had anything to do with the sitch, we do love what we see, and lived-in texture is one of the most popular hairstyles of the moment. Check out a few celebrities who gave it a spin tonight. 

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