9 Pics That Will Convince You to Get the Modern Perm


The word perm might paint a picture of ‘80s prom queens and Cher in all her glory, but trust us when we say things have changed. Once consisting of voluminous tight ringlets (the “higher the hair, closer to god” idiom should ring a bell here) the iconic hairstyle has gotten a drastic modern makeover, now resembling something closer to the beachy, messy waves your favorite celebrities wear on the reg. And now thanks to the new techniques, you can wear them 24/7 without the hassle of breaking out a curling wand, or taking daily plunges in salt water if you’re that dedicated.


If you’re still on the fence or need some visual examples of the 2017 take on the ‘do, the Internet has got you covered. Keep scrolling to check out how real women are wearing the perm today. If these pics don’t convince you to take the plunge, we don’t know what will.

The Streicher sisters, who own California-based beauty studio STRIIIKE, are known for their permanent wave strategy. Just check out this chopped (and now wavy) bob. 


Doesn't it look like she just walked out of the salt water? Amazing. 


@olaplex perm 🌀💁🏻🌀 #texturetuesday

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This perm was created using the Olaplex technique, which is the same one Julianne Hough's hairstylist used for the celebrity's hair.

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You don't have to go for the undone look, though. You can still get tighter, bouncy curls, too. 

Damian Santiago of mizu salon New York created this beachy masterpiece. 

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Yes, THIS is a perm. 

Can't get over this volume. 


Hey, guys. I'm Joan from InStyle. Today I'm here at Mizu Salon getting a perm that gives you beachy waves. I'm a little nervous because my hair is pretty straight, but let's go try it out. [BLANK_AUDIO] So I will have to admit it was hard to get people to volunteer to get their hair permed. It's so interesting because I feel like this isn't a real perm. It is a perm, but there's a different meaning to that word now. That stigma from the bad era of the 80s where everybody got fried up You know. Exactly. So there's still a lot of that going on out there, there's a lot of bad firms floating around so luckily I'm happy to say I perm hair everyday, sometimes I do two to three a day so that tells me there's still a humongous percentage of women out there that are searching For the right ones, you know so. Wow! [LAUGH] What a big head you have, my dear. This is the best I've ever looked. So, just to tell you what's gonna happen now. We're gonna go to the sink, we're gonna apply the perm solution all at the same time, Let it process for approximate 24 minutes which is about the norm, right? When that's done, we'll rinse the hair for five minutes. After we rinsed the hair, we blot it and apply a conditioner for five There you go. My gosh. You can see. Like who is this girl? I don't even know who this girl is. [LAUGH] So for the perm naysayers, it works. It works. And it's beautiful. Thank you so much. Yeah, my pleasure. Thank you. [SOUND] Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thanks, guys, enjoy. Bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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