This Icy Hair Color Couldn’t Be More Perfect for Winter

This Icy Hair Color Couldn’t Be More Perfect for Winter
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Adding rich caramel, honey, and even auburn tones to your hair is a given when PSL signs return to Starbucks. But going warmer with your beauty look isn’t the only option appropriate for fall. Why not take a cue from the dropping temps and bring a chill to your hair color?

By no means are we saying that platinum blonde is a new trend for fall, or a new trend in general for that matter. But switching to a pale, cooler tone blonde with minimum warmth is the unexpected choice that has the potential to totally redefine your style this season with its chic yet effortless vibe. "Just because it's winter doesn't mean you need to go dark," confirms celebrity colorist George Papanikolas. "It gives a modern edge to the blonde, and pairs well with a dark winter wardrobe."

As for how to get it, that depends greatly on your current hair color. If you're already a honey blonde, Papanikolas says that it could take about 1-2 sessions of heavy highlighting spaced a few months apart. Then, a violet pastel toner is added so that it neutralizes the warm tones.

If you have dark hair, it could take several highlighting sessions, and he notes it might not even be possible. "Hair shades start from level 1 (black hair) to level 10 (pale blonde hair), but can really only safely go about 7-8 shades lighter. Forcing it beyond that can cause damage, dryness, and breakage." If you don't highlight, he says another option is to bleach your hair and then tone. This will get you the result faster, but it can also damage your hair.

After you get to a Karlie Kloss-level shade, you're going to have to commit to the upkeep. Papanikolas suggests a violet shampoo, like Matrix Brass Off Shampoo ($9; to keep the tones in check, and adding in a hydrating and conditioning mask or treatment weekly. Embrace your inner ice queen and scroll through this gallery of celebrities who made heads turn with their cool blonde and platinum strands.

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