Honest Beauty Haircare Products You Need in Your Life 

Honest Beauty Haircare Products You Need in Your Life 
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It was the next logical step. 

When we look back to one year ago, we think of our younger beauty editor selves basking in the beautiful, fresh light of Honest Beauty's release. Jessica basically created an earthquake in the industry with that launch alone. Well, guess what? We may be a year older (almost), but the ground, it's grumbling again. Honest Beauty Haircare has arrived and boy oh boy is it about time.

Starting today, Honest Beauty Haircare is available on honestbeauty.com and ulta.com, and we are SO excited. Like secretly adding things to our online shopping cart all day kind of excited.

We were lucky enough to be able to test these products before launch, and we can honestly say (hehe), they live up to the honest standard.

Seriously, Jessica Alba has great hair, so the fact that we can use the same products she does is just fantastic. Not to mention the fact that the line is clean and conscious, falling in line with the rest of the Honest brand.

We tested the Truly Restored range, and it totally nourished our hair and prepped it for styling, which brings us to our other dreamy faves from the collection.

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Honest Beauty, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Yepez (the brand ambassador) have managed to put together an eco-friendly and clean heat protecting spray, impressing us light years more. The Honestly Protected Heat Defense Spray ($24; ulta.com) smells lovely, and as you might have imagined, works to keep your hair lovely amidst the stress of a curling iron.

Another all-star from the styling range? The salt spray, which is called the Honestly Effortless Sea Salt Spray ($18; ulta.com). It brings out texture, but it's not sticky and you can brush it out at the end of the day.

Mondays aren't so bad when they involve a new launch, right?

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