Side-Swept Bangs Are Back and Better Than Ever 

Side-Swept Bangs Are Back and Better Than Ever 
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Juicy Couture tracksuits and denim miniskirts ruled 2000s fashion (just ask Paris Hilton), but the true stamp of mid-aughts beauty? Side-swept bangs. And for those that indulged in the trend back in ’04 and want to relive all the magic, we have good news—they’re back and better than ever.

On top of frosty shadow and lustrous gloss, this trend took off around the time you were binging on The Simple Life and belting out Usher. As seen on your favorite Laguna Beach cast member Kristin Cavallari and even Lindsay Lohan, they often consisted of a visible section of hair chopped at an angle that swept to the side of your forehead. Today? They’ve undergone a modern makeover, appearing softer and more like traditional bangs that fall across the entire forehead.

"To make side bangs more modern and flattering, they're being cut much more softly,” says mizu salon senior stylist Judy McGuinness. "Instead of one big chunk of fringe, the look is much more soft and cut into.”

Recently seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Ciara, they’re often parted in the center as well, and Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson are examples of two other stars who’ve adopted the look once again.

"If you're wanting side-swept bangs, definitely bring in pictures to your stylist of what you like and don't like. Sometimes a picture is more descriptive,” suggests McGuinness. “Also, keep in mind whether or not you like to pull all your hair back for working out. If you prefer to pull it back, ask for the length to hit your cheekbones.”

Need a pic? Keep scrolling to see how A-listers are wearing the look today.

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