Man Bangs: The Hair Trend We Never Knew We Needed

Man Bangs: The Hair Trend We Never Knew We Needed
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The man bun trend may be over, but there’s a new style that’s quickly becoming the answer to all the chopped-off knots of years past: man bangs.

Anyone who’s had any incarnation of bangs knows that adding fringe to your haircut is the most high maintenance accessory you can add to your style. So, these male celebrity trailblazers deserve a round of applause for committing to routine bang trims—whether or not you’re an advocate of the trend.

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The return of Justin Bieber’s side bangs and Jared Leto’s micro bangs are latest instances of celebrities embracing male fringe, but there’s a few other stars that have been rocking them in recent years. Keep scrolling for the best man bangs thus far, and prepare yourself, because this may be just the beginning.

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