Lottie Tomlinson's Lavender-Platinum Hair Is the Dreamiest Thing You'll See All Day

Lottie Tomlinson's Lavender-Platinum Hair Is the Dreamiest Thing You'll See All Day
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The most magical shade of the summer.

As one of our go-to beauty guru's, Lottie Tomlinson has done a lot for us. Her collaboration with Nails Inc. brought us a glittery gold spray-on nail polish which finally helped us achieve our DIY home manicures #goals, while her makeup tutorials have totally changed the way we apply foundation. And then there is Lottie's hair! A topic of convo we could never tire of chatting about.

We've never seen someone switch so seamlessly between colors. And speaking of this hair icon switching up her look, last night she shared a pic of a new color on Instagram, and predictably, we're obsessed.

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colour by @tasher_spencer @bleachlondon 😍😍😍 mixed Kylie freedom and kymajesty 💙

A photo posted by Lottie (@lottietomlinson) on

Although Lottie has had more hair colors than we can count (hot pink, light pink, teal, etc), if we had to settle on a signature look, it would be platinum blonde. The update? Lottie switched it up to a pale white-lilac color that is probably made from unicorn tears. It's that magical. OK, maybe not real unicorn tears, but it's pretty damn dreamy.

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Lottie's hair was done Tasha Spencer, a colorist at the famous Bleach salon in London. This salon's work is so famous we've considered the astronomical airfare before just for a dye job.

We also love that Lottie is just as into Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits as we are. In the photo, Lottie is wearing a mix of Freedom and Kymajesty for final navy blue-black hue. Because as you know, cocktailing your lip products for something bespoke is what's up.

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