This is The Hottest Hair Color at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 

This is <em>The</em> Hottest Hair Color at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 
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Hear that buzz? It's the sound of salons everywhere buzzing off the locks of A-list celebs. At Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, famous fashion fans ranging from Katy Perry to Cara Delevingne stayed cool with platinum blonde buzz cuts. Perhaps it's no coincidence that the boss-lady look pairs beautifully with the glittering boots and graphic embellishments that are giving the week a futuristic edge.

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The icy blonde hue also popped up on Karlie Kloss and Tilda Swinton. Both stars kep a bit of length in their hair even while toeing the platinum party line, showing just how versatile the color can be. Here's a peek at how the season's hottest shade looks on five famous domes.

VIDEO: Emma Stone Just Went Platinum Blonde 

Go on, lighten up! 

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