Can You Rock Donald Trump's Signature 'Do as Well as Ryan Gosling? Find Out with Our Makeover Tool

Can You Rock Donald Trump's Signature 'Do as Well as Ryan Gosling? Find Out with Our Makeover Tool
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There are a lot of important things to discuss when it comes to the 2016 presidential election—health care, immigration, and of course, Donald Trump's hair. The Republican presidential candidate has been sporting his signature comb-over for, well, ever, so it's only inevitable that we've made it possible to see if you can rock the look as effortlessly as he does by trying on his hairdo with our Hollywood Makeover Tool. After all, with Trump in the race to represent the United States, it's only appropriate that we learn how to appropriate his hairstyle once and for all (I mean if cats can do it we can, too, right?).

Here's what we think Trump's process for creating his unique 'do involves. We're assuming he begins with a serious ‘80s throwback: the fine-toothed tail comb. He likely teases the hair by back-combing desired sections, which would give him the extra volume he's looking for. Once he's got the body, we're guessing he begins to comb it over accordingly. To the right? To the left? Forward? Multiple directions simultaneously? Whatever he's feeling on any given day seems to work. Finally, it’s time to hold it all in place. We’re not sure why Trump has so much difficulty with this one (Google his name along with the words 'wind' and 'hair' and you'll see what we mean). Hasn't he tried a long-lasting hold spray? If only he applied a few extra spritzes, he would drastically reduce the number of windblown pictures of himself floating around the Internet.

Just like the man himself, Trump's comb-over has evolved through the years. Scroll through our gallery below to see each of its iterations.

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