Chris Pine Got Rid of His Prince Charming Hair

Chris Pine Got Rid of His Prince Charming Hair
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Chris Pine has traded in his full head of Prince Charming hair for a much, much shorter style. The actor made his debut at CinemaCon with a freshly shaved head that reached buzz cut status.

It goes without saying that Chris Pine is known for his hair, and it's a trait that's totally helped him ace every prince role he's ever played. Remember when he played the famous love-to-hate Nicholas Devereaux in Princess Diaries: 2? Talk about a royal hottie with a haircut. There's also the more obvious reference of when he played Cinderella's prince in Into the Woods.

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And if we want to deep dive into his IMDB profile, there was also a time back in 2008 where Pine played a character called "The Man with Beautiful Hair" in a Funny or Die short called An Inconvenient Head.

Even Twitter users agree that he had Disney-like hair.

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So clearly, this was a big change. Not only did he lose length, but he shaved off most of the full beard he was rocking at the 2017 Golden Globes. Now all we've got is a little stubble.

Short hair, don't care!

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