7 Hairstyles That Add Volume to Fine Hair 

7 Hairstyles That Add Volume to Fine Hair 
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When you have fine hair, a set of extensions isn't the only solution for adding more body and volume to your strands. Along with the right haircut, you can defy the effects of gravity with a handful of stealth styling tricks that will keep hair from falling flat.

If you want your strands to appear fuller with your style, ensure that your current cut helps enhance the amount of hair you're working with. Both Honey Artists hairstylist Daven Mayeda and hairstylist Dan Islava at Antonio Prieto Salon in New York recommend avoiding over-layering or choppy finishes, which tend to make hair appear thinner.

Instead, playing with your part or making a few tweaks to your go-to ponytail or braid are a few ways you can fake fuller strands. In need of some style inspo? We turned to the stylists to find out the best hairstyles for fine hair. Keep scrolling to see how your favorite celebs wear the looks.

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