See 17 Celebs Who've Rocked the Pastel Hair Color Trend

See 17 Celebs Who've Rocked the Pastel Hair Color Trend
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Talk about a rainbow connection... If there's one hair trend that's united Hollywood over the past few years, it's Technicolor strands—and the Day-Glo look is showing no signs of abating. Stars like Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner have made sampling every color on the ROYGBIV spectrum their signature, but even celebrities who are usually loyal to natural hues (think: January Jones and Gigi Hadid) have sweetened things up with cotton-candy colors. The pretty pastels aren’t just limited to the girls either: Since leaving their former boy bands behind, Zayn Malik and Joe Jonas have both tried the trend.

Now that we’re embarking on a new season, we’re willing to bet that even more celebs will embrace spring with a new pastel style. Read on to see who's channeled their inner unicorn with a pastel dye job.

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