Ashley Benson’s Lob-Length Hairstyle Proves All the Pretty Little Liars Have Enchanted Manes

Ashley Benson’s Lob-Length Hairstyle Proves All the <em>Pretty Little Liars</em> Have Enchanted Manes
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Hair inspo for when you get sick of your lob.

At this point, it might be fair to say that Pretty Little Liars is taking over our lives. Between insanely intense episodes (#TeamEzRia) and the major looks served every single week on the show, it's not wonder we're so obsessed. And we gotta say, we're never mad at a dose of Shay Mitchell's Snapchat (how jealous are we of her and Ashley Benson's constant hangs and travel plans?!) and Ashley Benson's style-inspo filled Instagram.

Taking a break from enthusiastically praising Shay Mitchell's enviable hair (though we'll probs do that later), we're now back to obsess over Ashley Benson's beauty choices. More specifically, the hairstyle she debuted last night.

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A photo posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

Ashley Benson's a chameleon when it comes to hair length. Although she's been pretty loyal to her blonde hue, we've seen her transition through everything from a short lob to her much longer chest-length hair. Ashley's new 'do lands somewhere between her previously Rapunzel-length hair and a lob, and we think it looks gorgeous.

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If you're sick of the trendy length (yep, it's still going strong!) but also not ready to commit to super long hair, this might be a good look to consider.

We're also very much here for that pink fries and pizza phone case, which is literally us in a phone case.

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