The Coolest Celebrity Braided Hairstyles to Try Now

The Coolest Celebrity Braided Hairstyles to Try Now

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A braid is a hairstyle that works whether you're in need of a style that will hide the fact that you were too lazy again to wash your hair or an alternative to a classic bridesmaid twisted updo.

Sure, at its core a braid is a simple way to pull your hair up and away from the back of your neck. But, the best part about a braid is that it can easily be adapted to any hair length or texture.

If you've mastered all of the braided hairstyles you currently have pinned to your hair inspiration mood board, there's a whole set of recent red carpet looks to add into the mix that will take your braid game to the next level. 

Halle Berry's braided ponytail and Lady Gaga's corset braid are just a few of the standout looks that you can choose from when you're in the mood to try something new. 

From simple plaits to epic braided updos, keep scrolling for eight celebrity-approved ways to wear a braid now.

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