The Best Shampoos for Keeping Oily Hair Under Control 

The Best Shampoos for Keeping Oily Hair Under Control 
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Oily hair just like oily skin: there's no way to stop overactive sebaceous glands because their high-intensity workouts are the product of a hormonal imbalance.

"Oily hair is caused by over-production of the sebaceous glands that are on your scalp," explains NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fucso. "They can over-produce during puberty when hormones are really flying high, or if people have certain conditions where hormones are imbalanced and there’s a little more testosterone or testosterone by-products which lead to increased oil production."

While consulting with your doctor to find a medication that can help balance your hormones, and in turn your oily scalp and hair, the hard truth is that there's no topical solution—whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, or an exfoliant—that can slow down oil production. "Sometimes what people think is oily hair is not really oily, they’re doing an activity that’s made them sweat a lot and the perspiration is mixing with their scalp's regular oil level and kind of spreading all over the scalp and hair, creating an oil slick," Dr. Fusco adds.

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In the meantime, the right shampoo can sop up the excess moisture to help keep the appearance of oily strands under control. Dr. Fusco recommends using a product that's specifically formulated for oily hair and scalps, and avoiding at-home treatments that involve coconut oil because although it has a ton of beauty benefits, it's not meant to be used on your head. "Coconut oil is fantastic, but the thing is that it isn’t formulated to go on your scalp and hair. So what happens is that people are over-shampooing to try to get it out, and you’re right back where you started."

Dr. Fusco suggests people with oily hair wash their strands everyday, just like you do with your face to remove the excess oil so it's less noticable in your hairstyles. Here we've rounded up the best shampoos for oily hair to stock in your shower.

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