These Are the Best Products to Help You Fight Dandruff

These Are the Best Products to Help You Fight Dandruff
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There's nothing sexy about dandruff. Those tiny white flakes that fall all over your head and shoulders are impossible to hide, unless, of course, you’re caught out in the middle of a snowstorm. Visible dandruff occurs when the growth cycle of the scalp's top layer speeds up and cells grow and die off too quickly. Although having a flaky, itchy scalp is common—and not at all contagious—there’s still a stigma attached to having and dealing with the issue. If you experience dandruff, finding elixirs that relieve the itching and to clear visible flakes involves a lot of product testing.

Since having a flaky scalp is kept so hush-hush, chances are if you're dealing with the issue, you haven’t branched out from the products you’ve been using for years—even if they aren’t all that effective. Luckily, brands have taken note, and there’s a variety of options to try, whether you’re looking for immediate relief from itching, or a long-term minimization of flakes. We’ve compiled the best products, from masks to shampoos—dandruff begone!

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