The Best Drugstore Volumizing Products for Fine Hair 

The Best Drugstore Volumizing Products for Fine Hair 
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In a perfect world we'd all be born with hair that looks like it's straight out of a shampoo commercial. In reality, some of us are volume-challenged. If you have fine, flat hair, you may be able to blow-dry your strands fast, but it's impossible to get curls to hold.

That's where volumizing products come in. The body-building formulas give hair extra lift and hold so that your styles stop sticking to your head. If you want fuller hair and a bargain, there are drugstore options that actually work on fine hair.

Drugstore volumizers often get a bad reputation for being sticky, thick products that weigh hair down instead of adding body. That's why we've cherry-picked the formulas that actually do what they say—whether you're looking for a quick volume boost, or want to plump up your hair's follicles to make your strands appear thicker.

Keep scrolling for the best drugstore products that make fine hair appear so much fuller.

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