The Best Drugstore Shampoos for Dry, Brittle Hair

The Best Drugstore Shampoos for Dry, Brittle Hair

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Never washing your hair—no matter how much time it’ll save you—isn’t a solution for reviving dry, brittle, or damaged hair. The fix? On top of cutting down on obvious moisture-sucking habits like heat styling and color processing, it’s picking a shampoo that’ll give you a true deep cleanse all while delivering hydration back to a thirsty mane. As we’ve said time and time again, quality products don’t have to be expensive.

Hit up the drugstore haircare aisle and you’ll find bottles upon bottles of shampoo that will lift dirt and excess oil without stripping your strands from essential oils. In fact, these formulas will replenish those moisture levels. Keep scrolling to see a few of our favorites, all of which ring up to $10 or less.

VIDEO: 6 of the Best Drugstore Finds Under $15

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