TO 112 Shampoo - Lead 2016
Credit: Courtesy

Considering the constant coloring and heat styling we subject our hair to, it's a given that everyone's strands could use a little extra love, but we never expected to find a haircare line actually infused with the stuff. In what might be the most unconventional product concept we've ever seen (and we've seen a lot), Toronto-based hair and bodycare line TO112 includes the "frequency of love" among the ingredients included in each item of their range.

Yes, the frequency of love is a real thing, apparently. If you believe in sound therapy, you may already know that 528 Hertz is a sound frequency declared by Dr. Leonard Horowitz to help you better connect with your heart and spiritual well-being. After they are produced, TO112's products are stored in a "singing room" that vibrates at the aforementioned frequency, in hopes that the good vibes infuse themselves into the formula. Sounds weird to us too, but then again, we were never really down with the crystal healing movement.

New age sound therapy elements aside, we're actually pretty big fans of the clementine ginger-scented shampoo and conditioner ($21 each; Each spicy citrus formula blends both tamanu and camellia oils to help tone the skin on your scalp, and since they leave sulfates and parabens out of the mix, they're safe to use on every hair type. Will the frequency of love actually improve your mood, though? Probably not—but at least your hair will smell good.