You Can Do: American Classics

You Can Do: American Classics
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It’s really quite simple to take on a trend. Just follow this smart advice from InStyle Fashion Director Cindy Weber Cleary.

Why are heritage brands like Levi's (est. 1873), Minnetonka (1946), Pendleton (1909), Timex (1854), and Woolrich (1830) in the spotlight? For the same reason Etsy, "made in Brooklyn" and "slow food" are: They appeal to our yearning for authenticity, craftsmanship and timelessness in a fast-changing world.

Why I Love This Look

1. On some level we all share the fantasy of being founders, pioneers and explorers, and we feel a part of the American Dream in these iconic patterns and silhouettes. And as we know, dreaming is a lot of what fashion is all about.

2. Whether you choose a slinky dress that recalls the graphics on a Navajo blanket or a bomber jacket that makes you feel like Amelia Earhart, these comfortably stylish pieces dress up your weekend options.

How to Pull It Off

1. These pieces are perfect for fall weekends. A mini in a pattern reminiscent of a bird's-eye cardigan by L.L. Bean (1912) would pair nicely with a chunky turtleneck and flat boots or brogues.

2. If you want to look more sophisticated, combine a luxe bag and oversize sunglasses with a blanket-patterned coat à la Anne Hathaway. Her look says, "I'm down-to-earth and fabulous at the same time."

Start building your classic American wardrobe with these key pieces in our gallery.

For more tips, pick up the September issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

Runway inspiration  at top: Polo Ralph Lauren

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