10 Wrinkle-Free Dresses for Your Next Trip

10 Wrinkle-Free Dresses for Your Next Trip
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Packing for a getaway can be tricky. You want to make sure you include some pretty options for all of the pictures you'll be taking, but balling up your precious dresses and stuffing them into your suitcase never sounds like a good idea. I mean, who wants to spend their vacation trying to iron out wrinkles?

There are a few fabrics that will still look amazing even after being crammed in your cute, little suitcase for hours. You just need to make sure you're shopping for wrinkle-free fabrics when you're planning your getaway outfits.

One fabric that you can always count on is velvet. Sure, it's typically associated with winter and fall looks, but the fuzzy material has been trending for a couple of seasons now. And several designers are making summer-friendly designs that make for luxe vacation pieces. Lyocell is another durable fabric to keep on your radar. The strong material is made from cellulose in wood, but it's just as soft as cotton. You'll find a lot of beautiful clothes labeled with its branded name, Tencel.

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Lastly, we're big fans of cashmere, since the cozy fabric is less prone to wrinkles, too. We've rounded up some pretty dresses made from the durable materials ahead. So you can go ahead and do some worry-free packing.

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