Why I'm Obsessed with What the Olsens Wore Almost a Decade Ago

Why I'm Obsessed with What the Olsens Wore Almost a Decade Ago
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When I originally pitched this story idea to my editor, the idea was to give examples of how the evolution of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s style over the past decade (and then some) still feels relevant and fresh in 2016. As I took a deep-dive into Getty's image archives, pouring over photos of the now 30-year-old sisters from the Met Gala, the CFDA Awards and the streets of Soho, I realized there was one particular date I kept coming back to: 2007. What was it about that year?

Perhaps most importantly, this was the moment when MK and A transitioned from "former child actresses with trend-setting style" to "legit fashion designers who occasionally act." They launched The Row in 2006 and Elizabeth and James shortly after in 2007, making this a pivotal and highly-visible time for them. If you ask me, this was peak era Olsens—a magical time of giant Starbucks cups, even more giant Balenciaga bags, and that hair. (To jog your memory, check out all the 2007 flashbacks on the meticulously updated and binge-worthy blog, Olsens Anonymous.)

So again I ask, what was it about 2007? I guess in my eyes, this is when both Mary-Kate and Ashley were striking the perfect balance between aspirational luxe and attainable styling. I'm roughly the same age as Mary-Kate and Ashley, so while at 21 I couldn't yet afford the designer shoes and bags, I could take notes on how they wore their jewelry, layered basics like shirts and jeans, and their go-to silhouettes. The sisters wore white T-shirts with everything, tossed fur stoles over gowns without looking dated, and had every 20-something girl in America googling "messy beach waves tutorial." 

Maybe it's this hot, humid summer weather, maybe it's all the weddings I have to go to this year, but I have Mary-Kate and Ashley's best looks from 2007 at the top of my what-to-wear inspiration board right now. Although I wouldn't dream of saying the Olsen Twins aren't just as stylish right now (because false), I truly believe the duo will never better than they were in 2007. I'd wear any of the below outfits today, in 2016, and feel totally on-point. Let's discuss.

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