What to Wear to Go Hiking When You're a Fashion Girl

What to Wear to Go Hiking When You're a Fashion Girl

"I'm a bona fide city girl," was Carrie Bradshaw's response when Aidan asked her to join him at his "country cabin" for the summer (watch: season four episode nine "Sex and the Country" for a quick SATC refresher). And it was mine when my very active, very outdoors-y boyfriend floated his dream summer plan by me at the start of the season: to spend every weekend hiking upstate.

But before I could dismiss the idea and crush his dreams completely (because, nature), I stopped myself at the intriguing prospect of piecing together a bona fide hiking-girl outfit—inspired by the fall runways, of course. Both Tod's and Prada sent down high-fashion riffs on the Danners (the red-laced hiking boots made famous by Wild) during Milan Fashion Week, and Clare Waight Keller of Chloe grounded dreamy bohemian skirts with Patagonia-inspired half-zip fleeces during the Paris shows. Clearly, my boyfriend wasn't the only one enamored with the Great Outdoors. And if I was going to do this hiking thing—climb boulders, follow trail markers, identify plants(?)—then might as well commit and dress the part.

Well, I was basically Meredith from Parent Trap during my first hike (without the Lindsay Lohan-conspired pranks), but now that I've survived a few trails, I feel confident enough to impart some knowledge, like layering is essential, as is stocking a backpack with snacks, or even just carrying a backpack (and not say, a clutch). I've taken everything I've learned and compiled a 12-item checklist of what you, a fashion girl, need to wear or bring during a hike. Scroll through to shop each piece, but first: Can somebody hand me my Evian?  

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