Shop Pippa Middleton-Worthy Wedding Dresses

Shop Pippa Middleton-Worthy Wedding Dresses
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As the countdown continues for the Pippa Middleton and James Matthews wedding, we can’t help but to ask the question of all questions: What is she going to wear? Our apologies—we’re definitely happy for the beautiful couple and can’t wait to get all the deets of the upcoming nuptials—but can you really blame us? Give us an enviable style icon such as Middleton herself and of course we’ll be wondering what she’ll be wearing on her big day.

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Unfortunately, details of The Dress are kept top-secret (though there are hushed rumors Giles Deacon has designed the gown, and it is, quote, “very simple, elegant, and it’s all handmade.” Bespoke, of course). But if it’s any consolation, we’re expecting to see the bride-to-be walk down the aisle at the St. Mark’s Church, donning a beautifully elegant gown with a sleek, no-fuss, silhouette—light on the superfluous but yet heavy on the romance.

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Here, six gorgeous wedding dresses we’d peg as Pippa Middleton-worthy for your own wedding, gala, or Middleton-Matthews wedding news coverage viewing party (hey, it could be a thing).

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