See Old Hollywood Stars Playing Tennis

See Old Hollywood Stars Playing Tennis
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Before Serena Williams made history as the greatest female tennis player of all time (with a record of a whopping total of 36 major titles), before her equally famous sister Venus launched a chic range of tennis apparel EleVen, and before Ana Ivanovic ever inked a deal with Adidas, there was a roster of iconic stars who crushed the courts—with their style. And even though their power serve might not have been of the same caliber as the Williams sisters, that didn't stop them from swinging a racquet and looking like pros.

Farrah Fawcett showed us how to rock tennis whites in 1976, pitting her pristine polo shirt and racing-stripe shorts against tennis's second favorite-slash-most timeless shade—courtside green—with a perfectly slouchy hoodie and a sweatband. And she wasn't the only fashionably inclined icon to score points (both game- and style-wise). 

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From Katharine Hepburn in 1935 to a young Brooke Shields in 1983, take a look at 11 vintage images of iconic stars playing tennis, which not only serves as a timeline of how much its style has evolved, but also as proof that tennis has always been a fashionable sport.

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