Packing List: Aurora James

How Brother Vellies Designer Aurora James Travels in Style

How Brother Vellies Designer Aurora James Travels in Style
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For our Packing List series, designers and more women we love open their suitcases to show us how they prepare (and what they bring) for their far-flung adventures.

There’s perhaps no one whose travel exploits we obsess over more than Brother Vellies designer Aurora James. It seems like she’s always coming or going, and her excursions often include trips to South Africa and Morocco, where her shoes are ethically manufactured in eco-friendly materials. She's also known to travel often to other far-flung locales for fun, relaxation, and of course, inspiration, as she did recently on a trip to Indonesia. Below, our favorite globetrotter shares the chic essentials she brought on her trip.


Are you an over-packer or under-packer?

Overpacker. A girl can never have too many shoes or too much moisturizer.

What's your best packing advice?

I’m luggage-obsessed and I have packing down to a science. Have you ever seen George Clooney in that airplane movie? That’s me. My best advice is to fold everything and really ask yourself if you’ll want to wear jeans in 103 degree heat. Also call ahead to the hotel and find out what they have for you. I know the W always has Bliss Spa soaps and moisturizers so I have that as a back up. They also have razors and steamers and all of that good stuff so I don’t have to worry about that either.

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