Found! The Perfect Vacation Shorts

Found! The Perfect Vacation Shorts

Before taking off for a recent trip to Utah, I stopped by COS and picked up these shorts in navy and yellow. I loved the bright marigold hue—and since navy is my go-to color for shorts, I picked up a darker pair as well. Little did I know how useful these babies would turn out to be!  I kid you not when I say: I wore them for 10 days straight! 

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What did I pull off in these shorts? What did I not pull off? I hiked, paddle-boarded, boated, sat by the pool, biked, rafted down a river, and even wore them out to a casual dinner. Along with being supremely comfortable in any situation, these shorts go with everything: swimsuits, t-shirts, button downs—you name it!  

The length is long enough for active adventures, and you can cuff them shorter to frolic in the waves. Plus, the thin cotton dries quickly after being wet. These are by far the most perfect short for any adventure or beach vacation. After the trip, I immediately went and bought a backup pair for my next vacation!

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