25+ Ways to Cop Taylor Swift's New "Clean Punk" Aesthetic

25+ Ways to Cop Taylor Swift's New "Clean Punk" Aesthetic
Courtesy of Instagram / @taylorswift

Hello. Yes. T. Swift is back (insert Titanic gif of old Rose saying, “It’s been 84 years…” here). Following an Internet-breaking social media blackout (and then, three days later, cryptic snake video after snake video after snake video), the Swizzle has returned with an NBD announcement: She's dropping a new single tomorrow! And also, in chiller news, she has a NEW ALBUM COMING OUT IN NOVEMBER, OMG. (But really though, it’s chill.)

VIDEO: Taylor Swift By The Numbers


Of course, all of this couldn’t have happened without a complete brand overhaul. Aside from the glitchy snake videos, Taylor also posted a long awaited selfie drenched in punk-rock vibes. Mind you—this isn’t Glam Punk Taylor Swift circa Met Gala 2016 (aka Jenny Humphrey in Season 3 of Gossip Girl). No. This is lighter. Breezier, if you will. Taylor sits nice and pretty in her latest ‘gram, wearing a distressed sweater and just a simple chain choker necklace, which has us thinking: Is this the new wave of punk? A pared-down, no-fuss, clean rock aesthetic?

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Suddenly we’re seeing plaid skorts and alternative knit sweaters, high-shine jewelry and boy-borrowed trousers, velvet reds and lots of polished snakeskin and snake motifs (obvi). If you’re seeing that, too, well we’re here to indulge you. Scroll through to shop key pieces inspired by this new look and make way for #LitePunkTSwift2k17.

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