Discover Hollywood's Most Glamorous Feline Lovers in Cat Lady Chic

Discover Hollywood's Most Glamorous Feline Lovers in Cat Lady Chic
Robert Vose for Look magazine/Courtesy of Shorpy

If there was any doubt that cat ladies are some of our most Pinterest-worthy and stylish icons, Taylor Swift's many head-turning street outings with her kitty Olivia Benson have dispensed that notion. Thanks to art historian Diane Lovejoy's new collection Cat Lady Chic, available now ($15;, cat lovers can rejoice in even more style inspiration from muses going back all the way back to Old Hollywood.

From Kim Novak to Keira Knightley, Lovejoy's book is a trove of beautiful photos and artwork of history's most well-known women, both on-screen and off, with their adorable feline companions. The photo of Grace Kelly (at top) was taken on the set of 1955's To Catch a Thief, one of Kelly's most famous films.

Following her popular Cat Lady Chronicles memoir, Lovejoy tells InStyle that she was curious about the stereotypes surrounding female owners of cats, and used her research savvy to see what images popped up with a web search. To her delight, Lovejoy says, "The first image that I found was the one of Elizabeth Taylor. When I saw that image I just thought, ‘How could anyone dispute that the cat lady is exquisite and chic?’"

Pas du tout!

Take an exclusive peek in our gallery for some of the stunning images from Cat Lady Chic.

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