4 Perfect Swimsuit-and-Beach Towel Pairings

4 Perfect Swimsuit-and-Beach Towel Pairings
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When it comes to outfit coordination, matchy-matchy looks can be walking a fine line. Go too far and you'll look like a tragic character in a prep school flick, but done just right, the ensemble can hit all the high notes. With that spirit, this summer, we're not just finding the flattering and eye-catching swimsuit, but also seeking out a statement-making towel to go with it. (Just think of the Instagram-worthy opportunities and with beach lighting—no filters required, naturally.)


To give you a head start and some serious inspiration for your swimwear-and-towel coordination, we found four stylish pairings featuring geometric prints, classic stripes, and, of course, one of those so-on-trend round towels we’ve seen on every beach from Montauk to Malibu. 

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