What to Wear to a Job Interview in the Summer

What to Wear to a Job Interview in the Summer
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Summer is prime job interview season. Interestingly enough, it is also prime "Why is it so hot on this subway platform I’m about to sweat through my top" season. Balancing a professional dress code and practical acknowledgement of the weather isn’t easy—but it’s essential if you want that call back.

When you’re up for a job in a traditional corporate setting, your go-to interview look is probably a suiting combo and a crisp blouse. But when temperatures are soaring north of 90 degrees (and the "real feel" is over 100), you may need to ditch the jacket in favor of a silk button-down shirt and knee-length skirt that retain the formality but allow for a little ventilation.

At a startup or creative company, interview attire can echo the vibe of the office. Don’t trade in your block-heel sandals for flip-flops just yet, but do try a pleated shirtdress or culottes and a sleeveless top. If you want to add an extra layer (and get bonus style points), try layering a longline vest over your shirt-and-pants combo.

As just about any article on dressing for interviews will tell you, it’s a good idea to wear one memorable item that will help you stand out from the pack. It might be a bag in an unexpected color (like forest green) or a pair of sleek statement earrings that frame your face. Want to subconsciously let your potential new boss know you’re punctual? Wear a watch. (We like the menswear look.) Ahead, we shopped out three interview-worthy looks that will have your future boss saying, “You’re hired,” before you even shake their hand. (Okay not really, but you know what we mean.)

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