11 Sale Scores You Can Wear Into the Fall

11 Sale Scores You Can Wear Into the Fall

There’s something about summer sales that bring out a particular kind of maniacal behavior in even the most conservative and restrained shoppers. After all, July and August are when we see the deepest discounts of the entire year, as retailers and brands rush to clear inventory before the new the collections come in.

The process is probably a familiar one: Your eyes focus in on two prices, the reduced sale price alongside the original, and it’s as if every calm, measured thought in your head melts away like ice cream on a hot day. Justifications and rationalizations take over; you cannot miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for savings, glorious savings!

The next thing you know you’re home, alone with the choices you’ve made, staring at a pile of gauzy beach cover-ups, sandals and shorts that you can wear for approximately a month before they must be retired and inevitably forgotten about until next year.

Trust us, we have all been there. We love the discounts that hit those few weeks before Labor Day, and aren't here to stop you from getting in all on the season's best deals—but we will give you a strategy. To wit, we’ve scoured the digital sale racks at Net-a-Porter, Barneys, Aritzia, Matches Fashion, J. Crew, and more, and found 11 key pieces that you can wear throughout the year. From leather handbags to layering pieces, party pumps, and versatile jackets, these are the finds you can freely go crazy over, no rationalizations required.

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